Organizing the KonMari Method Way

Since I was a tween, I have always enjoyed having my room neat, clean, and well-organized. As a result, I am continually finding new organizing systems or ideas to getting rid of items/clothing that I did not need. The problem was that each time I completed an organized system, my room would become in disarray again. For years, I thought it was me and that I would never be able to simplify my life.
Then about a year ago, I was putting the mail on my Mom’s desk and saw a book entitled: The Magical process of tidying up. I thought my Mom was about to update another part of the house or do another purge of the seasonal items in the home. Either way, I was intrigued, so I decided to look up what this book was concerning and if it could apply to my life. After learning about the KonMari Method and a brief synopsis of the book, I decided to read it along with her second book entitled: Spark Joy.
After reading both books, I knew I had found the Method that was going to work for me. I started organizing the minute I finished reading both books. I started with mastering the folding method and found a way of folding that works better for me on specific items such as my underwear and pajama pants. Once I had mastered the art of folding and putting away my clothes neatly, I felt a sense of calm. Four months later, I was still folding the way that the books outlined in the books, so I thought I was ready to move onto organizing my clothes. I ended up donating two 18 gallon sized garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill. I even found a way to hold my scarfs so that they worked in my closet. Everything in my closet and dresser had its place and sparked joy for me. I still feel that it may be too much, but I will wait before I do another purge.
The right side of my closet that contains my work clothes.
The left side of my closet that has my non-work and fancy clothes.
The inside of one of my non-work clothes bin.

This hanger holds all of my belts in scarves. It also serves to separate more work tops from non-work tops.

I then moved onto my books and movies which was the hardest part for me, but once I pulled them off the shelves, I realized many of my books were meant to make me look and feel like an adult. Plus, I still have an Original Kindle that I still use from time to time and was able to get many of the books loaded onto it. My movies, however, took me a bit longer as it was quite a collection. I realized that there were some I have not watched and were not attached to. In fact, these movies were ones that I did not care for due to subject matter. After I purged the ones that didn’t spark joy, I was still left with many movies and did not like how they looked together. I poured my energy into Kondo’s books to see what they said about organizing movies. There wasn’t much so I asked myself what would make the most sense in my world that followed the KonMari Method. I realized the DVD cases took up much room, so I got baskets, but I did not like how they stuck out with the DVDs inside. I later stumbled upon DVD sleeves and decided to give them a try. I LOVED THEM! They fit all of the DVDs that I did not want to display and looked neat and orderly on my shelf. They matched my other basket of electronic cables and miscellaneous items. I was able to create a shelf for my favorite book/movie collection. Every time I see it; it makes me feel joy. I added my puzzles and file organizer to the bookshelf as well, and a place for all my drinks rather than keep them under my bed.


It has been a year, and I am still going strong. I plan on going thru my CDs and paper items next. After that, maybe desk items but once step at a time. The KonMari Method works for me quite well although I did things a little differently. I had to due to school full-time and work full-time. One can do the same by just doing one thing at a time until it becomes apart of your routine.

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