Wearing pajamas as Clothes

I want to start off saying that I love being comfortable and looking good. When out in public we often find ourselves wearing sweats and yoga pants. Many people are now wearing leggings as pants. I would wish people would stop wearing leggings as pants. I hate to be the one to say this but, we can see everything. When I say everything, I mean people can see your underwear or lack thereof which leads us to see the fat cells of your butt. It grosses people out when you are not wearing clothes for your body type.
This post is not about my dislike for leggings and all of that. This article is about how the material and style of clothes is changing to the point where you can walk out of your home wearing a pajama top, and people think it is an actual top. For example, I have a couple of sweaters that I wear and are very comfortable. They keep me warm and are quite soft. However, one would not find these sweaters in a sweater section of the clothing department. These are pajama tops that I wear as regular tops.
Surprisingly enough, I got the idea a few years ago when I walked out of my house wearing a pajama top as a shirt for under my work shirt. I was using this shirt as more of an undershirt as the material of the actual shirt was dense and caused one to sweat a lot. It was nice to have a barrier, but I started to wonder if maybe pajama tops were changing to the point that they can be worn as actual tops.


About last fall I had run out of sweaters to wear and decided to give it a try. I was quite surprised by the reception. People thought they were workout sweaters or casual sweaters. I received many compliments for them, and I told those people that I was wearing a pajama top. They were shocked until I informed where I got them and the brand. Next time I saw them, they said they had checked and couldn’t believe it.


So let me tell you the sweaters I love. The brand is Gillian O’Malley, and I bought them at Target in the sleepwear section. I recommend that you check them out because the reason that leads me towards my purchase was the fact that they were lightweight. I wore them all winter even when the temperature was below negative 20 degrees. The sweater kept me warm and comfortable even in a cold garage for about 15 minutes.  Currently, I am about to try another top that was also a pajama top that could pass as a dressy top. I plan on wearing it to a nice restaurant with a simple jacket or button up sweater.



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